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Desert Streams Stories

"I love Desert Streams Baptist Church because the people in the church are really care about you as a person and the Pastor really preaches from the Bible.. when you are a member of Desert Streams Baptist Church, you know you're at home..theres real love here!"

Anita Harris

"I love Desert Streams Baptist Church because it is the best church I have heard God’s Word preached, and I always learn something new every Sunday I attend."

Travis Burkett

"We love desert Streams Baptist Church because God has used this church to help us continue growing spiritually and in the love we feel toward serving our Lord and most of all because we have experience Gods love, mercy and Grace through all our church family."

Cesar & Nihelet Perez

"I love Desert Streams Baptist Church because we have dedicated loving Pastor and the sermons are great. KJV is the preserved Word of God, and we are so blessed to be a part of this church family!"

Susan Burkett

"We love our church because we love to learn about Jesus and we love the fellowship at our church!"

Eli & Joshua P.

"I love my church because of our wonderful church family (and the Pastor is pretty handsome!)"

Brittany Strausbaugh (Pastor's Wife)

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